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Fried Ricotta

Fried Ricotta

Fried Ricotta Recipe of of 04-02-2018 [Updated on 05-02-2018]

There Fried Ricotta is a super quick recipe, to be prepared as an appetizer or main course when you have few ideas and little time to make something delicious. There breaded and fried ricottait can be brought to the table whenever you have a leftover of this dairy product, also because the success of the recipe depends a lot on how dry the main ingredient is. In short, fried ricotta is a really good recycling recipe, try it and you will agree with me;) What are you doing today? I enjoy my loves before plunging back into another chaotic and stressful work week, I run away to get back on my stomach, kisses: *


How to make fried ricotta

Cut the ricotta into slices and then into chunks.

Then pass it in the beaten and salted eggs and then in the breadcrumbs making the breading adhere well all around.

Heat the oil in a pan and, when it is boiling, fry the ricotta on both sides until the surface is golden.
Gradually lift it and let it dry on a plate covered with absorbent paper.

Serve your fried ricotta hot.

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